How it work

How to maximize your investment


How to buy a rare NFT?

Focusing on NFT collections of more than 1000 subjects, it is difficult to predict which NFT will acquire value and it is not possible to know its rarity before the start of the auction. The risk is to buy an NFT which will not allow you to maximize the return on your investment. After all, why settle for a common NFT if you have the option of having a rare, higher-value one?

Our NFT project is based on 310 subjects divided into Common, Uncommon, Rare and Super rare.
The drops will be made in multiple launches and for each launch you will have the opportunity to know in advance the rarity of some elements.
This will allow you to focus your efforts and target high-value NFTs that will allow you to have a greater return.

Join Discord to join the crew!

Only on Discord you will be able to receive the clues that will allow you to know in advance some rarities of the scheduled drops.


More chances in the first drops!

With each drop, the number of NFTs that can be purchased through auction will increase, but the number of Rare and Super rare will almost always remain the same. The earlier you participate in the drops, the more chances you will have of getting the highest value NFT. The first drop will only be 10 pieces!
The more time passes, the less the chances of finding the real treasure, the NFT Super Raro, will decrease.

The advantage of having few NFTs in the collection
Many think that having few items in the collection is disadvantageous. In principle, this may be true, unless you have an excellent idea behind it that guides and inspires the project.

The Cute Boat Paintings collection was planned months in advance and designed in such a way as to make the number of NFTs available its strong point, allowing you to optimize your investment opportunities.


The treasure hunt

Before each drop (in total there are 6 drops, divided as in the image above), a treasure hunt will be organized. The fastest captains in solving each puzzle will receive a clue in private which, combined with the others, will form a “map of rarities”. This means that those in possession of the most clues will find it easier to identify rare NFTs.

You can get the clueses only join our Discord server.

The first drop, the one with the most chance, is close to launch. The more time you waste thinking, the more puzzles the other captains will solve and the closer they will get to the rarer NFTs, which I remind you to be LIMITED!


What if I don't win the auction of a Super rare?

No problem, if you fail to grab a Rare or Super Rare NFT, you can purchase a Common or Uncommon NFT.
Everyone will compete to get to the rarest treasure, this will raise the Flow Price even of the less rare NFTs, already from the first launch. Municipality go, your investment will turn into a golden galleon.

Not good at treasure hunting but are you a born recruiter?
There are other ways to get to the treasure, enter Discord and connect to the Recruiting section. Captains who bring more recruits will be entitled to parts of the treasure map.

It’s time to set sail!
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